Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oceanic Defense - Filling a media niche

As shark diving and long standing conservation media guys we're always on the watch for new and innovative ways to get a media message out to the public.

The media landscape in the past three years has changed dramatically. The addition of new media and it's ability to "move the message" has been a boon for a few NGO's and conservation groups who have been savvy enough to adapt to rapid change.

But what about the "million ant army" we keep talking about? The many multi discipline shark groups that lack the time and effort to get their conservation message out to a wider new media audience?

Enter Oceanic Defense "The gateway to new media."

Oceanic Defense is the perfect tool for the shark conservation movement and serves two strategic purposes. CEO and Director Jeff Shaw should be recognized for his vision and tireless efforts to bring solid conservation messaging to the masses - leveraging new media and doing so without agendas.

The shark conservation movement is two tiered. At the top well funded NGO's. At the bottom a growing base of websites, petition sites, activist groups, and message makers. These disparate groups often find conflict with each other as is the case with top tier NGO's.

This is the nature of the business of shark conservation.

Oceanic Defense brings the messages of all of these groups, without judgement, without agenda, focusing on the message to enable new media shark activists to act for the betterment of long term shark conservation.

We like it. We have allied ourselves with them on our Shark Free Marinas Campaign on Facebook and noticed a huge improvement in "eyeballs" to that campaign.

Oceanic Defense is the right media tool at the right time for a conservation movement that desperately needs media outreach.

Join them in the effort to conserve shark populations globally. As we have long said, real and lasting shark conservation starts with "One."

Patric Douglas CEO