Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brilliant Fakery? Or Real Deal?

The jury is out on this video. We were going to call it a big fake and then the tail fin appeared for a brief instant at 0:55, hard to fake a tail fin if you're towing a decoy behind your sail boat.

So we leave it to you, is this the real deal of a monster shark stalking a sailboat, or a complete fake?

Taking into account over the past 20 years of video at sea no one has come up with anything like this one and the kid in the video seems less than realistic:


George said...

Aside from a large dorsal fin sticking out of the water, it doesn't really look like a shark at all. The movement when the tail is visible seems almost serpentine. I'm going with the theory that it's Nessie with a clever cardboard fin.

James said...

Brilliant Fakery !

George said...

After having watched it repeatedly (while I should be working), it looks as though a small secondary dorsal and a portion of the precaudal region is visible, yet at no point is the caudal fin ever in sight. It just looks bizarre.

PS I'm thinking of writing you up for using the term "monster shark."

Tim Burton said...

real deal, no fake, no real deal, damn and double damn!

Big Dawg Divers said...

3 votes for fake over here

DaShark said...

100pro fake!

u can even hear the rope at the end, when he lets the decoy slip back!

And no living being has such a regular wake for such a long time, guaranteed!

real dealers 2010 said...

Real deal how do you fake a tail fin that moves so realistically and what about the date this video was made 5 years ago?

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Hi George, that fin has to be a simu-white and it is a simply huge fin with a shoulder wave bigger than anything I have seen, monster sized shark?

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Da Shark,

I am wondering about the 2005 time stamp on this video as well.

RTSea said...

My first impression was that the fin sways to and fro as if there is only a small weight underneath to support it. As others mentioned, where's the caudal? It should be visible considering the size of the dorsal.

Christian said...

I just happened on this. Probably nobody is going to read this .. but oh well.

I am the "kid" in the video. It has been quite a while since somebody called me a kid though. It has been a while since anybody called me "less than realistic" as well.

I cannot guarantee that this is a shark, but I can guarantee that the video is real. It was taken on the first evening of the 2005 Bermuda1-2 Ocean Race.

The original clip was longer but I it actually got pretty boring. If I dig enough I can probably even find the 1 hour DVD I made about the trip.

Towing a decoy? This is a sailboat race. When people are trying to get to Bermuda fast they don't generally tow crap behind their boat. And there are 30 other people that will vouch for the fact that I was in that place on that day/time.

The boat's name was Sharkbait .. which is why the video was fun in the first place. The video made a few rounds on where there race was being followed, and used to be on my site when I had that boat:

Anyway - on with your regularly scheduled content

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Thanks "Kid" :) glad to hear your side as us shark guys have been interested in this video for a while.

The video is amazing we appreciate your taking the time to check in.

It's official boys, this video is real.