Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hawaii - Karyn Herrmann Shark Conservation

Another in a long string of well thought and researched articles about Hawaii's current conservation track record and the the problems with politicians who only see $$$ when it comes to the environment.

Case in point Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu
who is currently attempting to kill new legislation that would ban shark finning, transshipment, and sales in Hawaii.

Karyn Herrmann:

Currently about 175 countries have signed an environmental treaty to halt shark finning. Will Hawaii really allow an entire marine species to be wiped out forever just to satisfy the palate of a so called "cultural tradition" or the mana of a mythological "deity"?

The only explanation that can be drawn from these most recent events in the Hawaii Senate is that the hidden, money-driven, black market of the Honolulu distributors has paid off both the advocates and the opponents of the bill. Clearly, shark finning is a multimillion-, possibly billion-dollar business in Hawaii, legal or not. When you have so many vocal entities opposing a ban that is supported globally, one must question if the entire process within the Hawaii Senate is riddled with corruption.

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