Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hawaii - Shark Fin Bill 2169 Almost Law?

Hawaii's complete ban on shark fins and shark fishing could soon be be made into law after Tuesday's vote.

A vote that has the potential to open a deep fissure in the worldwide trade and sales of shark fin and a vote that will set a unique precedent.

Under the new Bill 2169 shark fins could not be harvested, sold or owned.

The bill is heading for final votes in the Hawaii Legislature. The bills main stumbling block, a conference committee, agreed on the measure Tuesday, sending it to the House and Senate for approval.

Shark conservationists maintain the ban is key to shutting down the overfishing of sharks for their fins is causing an imbalance in the oceans. Currently the price of shark fin is hovering at 1980's gold price levels and is used primarily for soup.

As Stefani Brendl from Shark Allies put it when the final vote was read:

"It's Alive! Getting it out of conference was by far one of the most difficult and critical steps in this process. Many people would have bet that it won't happen. There was doubt and criticism until the very last moment. But here it is! The impossible became possible! This is really a historic moment!!!"

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