Friday, May 7, 2010

Jeff Corwin Reports - Sharks in Oil Disaster

Some of the best coverage of the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf can be found at Huff Post. I have been less than thrilled with the major media who, for the most part, have been treating this massive ecological disaster as a "one dimensional talking point memo" featuring vacuous reporters spitting out inane eco bytes.

Enter Jeff Corwin who went hands on for CBS in the Gulf recently to pose questions and cover ongoing research in the region with sharks. Jeff is one of the few reporters who brings home this unfolding disaster in terms that are understandable and immediate (see video).

On a personal note I came close to throwing a brick through the television this am watching a morning show anchor describe the "good news" that thousands of gallons of chemical dispersant was being dropped on the oil so it would sink to the bottom of the ocean rendering the oil "safe."

News Anchor Test

To put this into perspective. Take your morning coffee. Add a teaspoon of motor oil. Now add a half teaspoon of chemical dispersant. Let sit while these toxic chemicals bind with the motor oil and drop to the bottom of your coffee.

Now drink. No? Thought so.

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