Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oceana - End Run for Fisheries G-20

NGO Oceana is going for what amounts to an "end run" to limit fisheries in the G-20 nations.

As it turns out many of these unsustainable fisheries are made sustainable due to heavy fishing subsidies, money from governments that all but guarantee price stabilization and do not allow for markets to correct when fisheries become unsustainable.

Any movement on this front would benefit sharks and after the stunning losses at Doha we're supporting any continuing efforts to reign in unsustainable fisheries take.

Mission Blue features an all star cast of voices from the marine and conservation worlds demanding changes at the next G-20 summit meeting:

“Subsidies encourage unsustainable operations, accelerating the depletion and ultimate demise of fish and fishermen alike. No fish, no fishermen.” said Dr. Sylvia Earle. “A new commitment to fisheries would demonstrate that G-20 can contribute to solving environmental problems of global consequence while fulfilling its shared responsibility for the economy and well-being for people of the world."

To get involved and to get informed please spend some time today to review the following press release.

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