Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SharkDiver an Original Series

From What We Do Media SharkDiver production:

A chance discovery of a Great White Shark aggregation site in a remote corner of the planet is the start of an epic journey across the globe as a marine biologist prepares for the ultimate challenge of being the first human to encounter these truly wild carnivores.

Shark diving is a highly commercialized business. In an industry that spans the globe, operations make millions as office workers and soccer moms spend big bucks to be thrown into shark-infested waters. The more dangerous the shark the higher the adrenalin, a rush so great that shark disciples travel the globe in search of the ultimate fix. As competition builds the demand for new locations increases. Discovery of virgin territory is the eco-warriors' cue to descend in ever increasing crowds, while opponents of the industry question the ethics of exploiting animals at danger of extinction, for personal satisfaction.

Take a journey through an adventurers eyes as he seeks the untamed wild and tracks down the only people who can help him on his quest, the SharkDivers. What starts as a goal for personal satisfaction becomes a pilgrimage of understanding as we encounter the predator inside us all.

Director: Mark Tipple
Producer: Luke Tipple
Genre: Action, Adventure, Scripted Reality, Docu-Drama
Screenplay: wga
Writers: Mark Tipple, Luke Tipple
Status: Pilot completed, April 2010

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Big Dawg Divers said...

Very cool idea when do we get the see the show?