Monday, May 10, 2010

Sharks Finned in Florida - Images

Tarpoon Dive Centers posted grizzly images of finned sharks in Florida's waters this week.

These images were picked up by Scotty Grey from Blue Iguana Charters and a host of shark conservation groups.

Scotty's response to these images was typical of those who have seen them.

We contacted Jake Shekels manager of Tarpoon Dive Centers and he said this was not the first time he had encountered finned sharks at his dive site:

These Photos were taken last weekend while diving on a reef off Key Biscayne. Unbelievable this is happening so close to home. In April of last year we saw two hammerheads and perhaps a tiger shark, this was a nurse shark around the same area and depth and I am beginning to wondering if this is a coincidence?"

Typically shark finning is done by one or two persons who run small to medium shark fin operations in Florida. Some are busted, some are not. These are lucrative operations (see link).

With conservation leadership from Tarpoon Dive Centers and help from others in the conservation community perhaps these sharks will not have been finned in vain.

See post "When One Dead Shark."


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this made me sick to my stomach

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guys I am shocked this is happening in my backyard!