Monday, May 17, 2010

Sky Truth Raises Alarm - Oil in Loop Current?

The 10,000 square mile oil slick that NOAA, BP, and the media are underestimating and under reporting looks to be in the Gulf Loop Current as reported by Sky Truth today (see image).

Major media coverage of this ongoing eco disaster has pegged leaking oil at a paltry 5000 barrels a day. Sky Truth was one of the first non governmental organizations to estimate the oil flow at 26,500 barrels a day.

Last week NPR estimated the oil flow at a stunning 70,000 barrels a day.

As of this morning Sky Truth was the only source to suggest that leaking oil and 700,000 gallons of COREXIT, a toxic dispersant, is now in the Loop Current headed towards Florida and the East coast of the USA.

Update: Loop Current coverage from LA Times Blog.

More coverage at Deep Sea News.

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Shark fans and divers: if you're seeing any impacts from this spill and want others to know about it, submit a report (you can include photos, and links to video)on our Gulf Oil Spill Tracker website at