Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Are The BP ROV's? - Meet Little Geek

The unsung hero's on Day 44 of British Petroleum's Oilmageddon in the Gulf are the ROV's and drivers who are on the front lines of this unfolding disaster.

Everyone is watching them and yet no one knows who they are.

This is Little Geek.

Along with Be BOP, R2, The Saw and Claw - Man they have become the unwitting ambassadors and familiar face of America's oil disaster in the Gulf.

Owned and operated by oil services giant Oceaneering these bots and drivers have been working 24/7 since the disaster started, executing a series of technical maneuvers that have set the gold standard for deep water ROV technology.

We started a Facebook Fan Club this week with regular updates.

Little Geek tech specs are online here. We wish the bot drivers and maintenance crews who have been working this incredible effort all the best in the coming days. A pound of Pete's coffee is being sent to your headquarters this week with our regards.

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