Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dolphin-safe tuna: conservation success story or ecological disaster?

One of the hallmarks of this blog and the many blogs we link to is "provoking thought." The past 2000 posts at this blog have featured more than its share of ideas, concepts, and industry analysis.

To many this blog is unique, compelling, and daily feed. To others who prefer blogs that are simple "look-at-me-and-what-I-did-this-week" formats, what we do and say here is cause for much industry grumbling.

Grumble away.

This week a post by the ever interesting David Shiffman over at the Southern Fried Science Blog gets to the heart of conservation. What is conservation success?

He tackles one of conservations "sacred cows" Dolphin Safe Tuna. For those currently in the shark conservation world this look back at the success or failure of Dolphin Safe Tuna is a cautionary tale about conservation success and the reality of laws without overall enforcement.

For the Dolphin Safe folks Davids look into this world is perceived as a threat, for us there are no "sacred cows." We should, as conservationists, be able to look at, review and modify the efforts we put forth for better conservation.

Fine post, great reading. Provoking thought.

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