Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shark Image of the Week

Off the coast of Massachusetts it's white shark tagging season and apparently the "hunting" is good.

“It’s a team effort. We’re all equally important — not one guy better than the other,’’ said Chaprales, 58, of Marstons Mills, who was a commercial fisherman for 40 years off Cape Cod and claims a perfect record tagging fish with his harpoon. “Greg’s the biologist, my son drives the boat, I do the tagging, and George does the flying.’’

And with more and more great whites appearing off the Cape, these three men from different walks of life have the unique opportunity to unmask one the region’s most mystifying species.

“This has nothing to do with the public, nothing to do with seals; it really has to do with advancing science,’’ said Skomal, 48, a state biologist from Marion. “There’s nobody else along the East Coast of the United States who has the opportunity to do this.’’

Kudos to the entire shark team, complete story here.

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