Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brain Cells and Bull Sharks - Wowza!

When we posted our challenge/half baked Internet observations to the science blog Southern Fried Science last week about Juicing Tweaked Bulls we never dreamed anyone would pick it up and run with it.

Yet run with it someone did, and the end result was quite remarkable.

Kudos to Giant Brain Christie Wilcox who's blog Observations of a Nerd took our rather pathetic post and made sense of the whole Bull shark testosterone mythos/phenomenon.

Who is Christie?

Christie Wilcox is a science writer/ blogger who moonlights as a graduate student. She blogs about whatever she feels like, usually relating to scientific news, interesting biological phenomena, and adorable creatures.

Christies post delves deeply into the zeitgeist of testosterone loaded Bulls. A commonly held belief that was cemented into the public's mind after this episode on Shark Week in 2002 "Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark."

Thank you very much Mr.Nigel Marvin and your millions of water cooler minions who went on to regurgitate this off the cuff shark factoids like some sort of never ending shark gospel.

For her shark smart, well researched post, Christie is now featured on this hallowed blog as a "blog to follow." Mainly due to the fact blogs like hers make ours look all science-y and stuff, and second off, hers is far more eloquent.

Nicely done Christie.

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