Sunday, March 28, 2010

A book by any other name - Beqa Lagoon

As anyone who does as much traveling as I do knows each destination has it's own feel. From the smell of cane grass in the morning air to those other less defined organic smells and sights that set a newly discovered place into your mind - and into your soul.

Discovering a book that captures these essences of travel on glossy pages is almost impossible...almost until today.

Behold, Fiji's Beqa Lagoon, a travel book that takes you to Fiji and embeds you there with imagery from the first person. One might think that a local scene with cattle has no place in a book entitled Fiji's Beqa Lagoon but it does, in the context of the wide eyed traveler, that's where this book works on so many levels.

You have to preview it with a full screen here and then purchase this book for your coffee table and public consumption.

For me the discovery of a travel book that pays homage to the "traveler within each of us" in all it's glossy, big image glory, was this months surprise.

Now if someone could just make a book like this for fly fishing in New Zealand. I am currently stuffing dive gear and fly gear into a bag for a 7.00pm flight to Dunedin, again!

Patric Douglas CEO