Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guy Harvey with PEW and BNT - Event

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The Bahamas National Trust are very excited to have as a guest speaker, Guy Harvey. Dr. Harvey has agreed to provide support for the BNT’s Shark Conservation Campaign that is being implemented in The Bahamas in partnership with the Pew Environment Group. In addition to his speaking engagement, Mr. Harvey has designed a poster promoting protection of shark and a special Guy Harvey T-shirt for the conservation campaign.

Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. Growing up in Jamaica, Guy spent many hours fishing and diving with his father along the Island's south coast. He was obsessed with the creatures of the sea and began drawing pictures of the many different fish he observed. Guy captures marine wildlife animals in their natural environment with extraordinary detail and brilliant colors.

Harvey has traveled the globe to observe marine live and is passionate about its conversation. The BNT are thrilled that he has agreed to speak and support the Shark Conservation Campaign and hope that many of you will join in for what promises to be an exciting evening.

For the past two years, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University have been sponsoring and conducting an ongoing project to tag and track tiger sharks in the western Atlantic. The goal of this long-term study is to gain a better understanding of the migration of the tiger sharks in this region and to use that data to aid conservation efforts. Dr. Harvey will be speaking on the tagging and tracking process that has now been expanded to the Bahamas in an area known as Tiger Beach In Grand Bahama.

Space is limited to 300 persons for this event, therefore all members please RSVP by February 28th if they want to have a seat. Call 393-1317 or email sharks@bnt.bs

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