Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Richard B. Hoover - Media Fail 101

Scientists, academia, and wackos who have found Bigfoot, let us try and help you with your media!

We can start with this simple rule:

"Never release your ground breaking news on a Friday."

Which is exactly what Dr. Richard B. Hoover did last week with his stunning assertion that he had found evidence of extra terrestrial life.

Yes, alien life forms!

Unfortunately the good Dr.Hoover released his data and press release on a Friday, in the middle of a mid east revolution and oil crisis at home.

Seriously Doc, did you hope that anyone would even pay attention to this, on a Friday? This is the kind of media drop disgraced Senators and Enron does when they want to slide by the news cycle - we're talking alien life here!

Fortunately we found your press release along with a few others who troll the Internets for tasty tid bits o' science to pass on to their readers. Dr.Hoover still has to go through the rather unfortunate vetting process and already many within the carbonaceous chondrites community are calling foul.

Frankly, we're more interested in the spectacularly bad timing of it all, but that's science for you, and a lesson learned.

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