Monday, March 28, 2011

New 640,728 gallon oil spill in the Gulf?

During the Gulf Oil Spill last year one media source was on target and on the numbers, and that was the blog site Sky Truth.

While NOAA was still towing the BP corporate line of 5000 barrels a day, it was Sky Truth and their dedicated team who first estimated the flow rate was many time higher than that.

This week Sky Truth took a look at a mysterious oil spill near Grand Isle L.A, one that regional oil experts from Anglo-Suisse said was a minor event with just 4 gallons spilled.

After analysing NASA/MODIS satellite imagry Sky Truth estimates this spill to be an astonishing 640,728 gallons.

If we were betting folks in a contest between the government, who should be minding oil in the Gulf, and Sky Truth we would go with Sky Truth, the question now is, who's going to clean all this oil up?

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