Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behold Parasite Hyperia galba!

Alexander Semenov spends a lot of his time with the creepier things in life, such as this Hyperia galba here.

Commonly known as a jellyfish parasite (who knew) these critters are found hitching a ride on and sucking the life's juices from jellies.

You can read all about them here a favorite parasite with the research community (again who knew).

Alexanders website deserves a special look and keep your eye out for a stunning face to face encounter with Nereis virens - the clam worm.

The next time you look at any ocean critter and think that life in the ocean is better than, say, life in a aquarium? Make sure you spend some time with the parasites that infest said critters before you make that distinction, at least in the aquarium they don't suffer the wrath of Sacculina!

Let's hope no one you know does.

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