Monday, May 2, 2011

Industry Member Craig Ferreira Pens New Book - Got Yours?

Patrick Williams an investigatory journalist, finds himself on a twisting path of mysterious and bloodcurdling events as he delves deeper into a story of a honeymoon couple's mysterious disappearance from the sleepy town of Gans Bay, situated only 100 km from the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The remote fishing village has of late, become the centre of a burgeoning great white shark cage dive industry, and against logic and rational judgment , he is drawn into a tangle of incidences where the reality facing him is more grim than he could have ever anticipated in his wildest dreams.

Down in the deep, propelling her heavy spindled shaped body though the frigid waters of the Cape, is the Submarine, the legendary Great White Shark everyone thought was long dead and gone…….

Frank Boon, a Great White Shark scientist, avid shark conservationist and diver, finds himself caught between trying to protect the shark or possibly having to kill it due to public pressure. A witch- hunt of what's said to be "largest shark ever sighted" is staged after a horrific incident off a beach in Hermanus, not far from Cape Town.

Fear grips all involved as the obscured reality of death and malevolence slowly unravel to a showdown between man and beast.

Heart stopping, fast paced and real. It felt like the shark was about to swim right out of the pages. Jytte Fredholm – International Wildlife Photojournalist.

I have known Craig Ferreira personally and professionally for many years. Passionate, intense and full of surprises, Craig has found a new way to channel his immense creative energies by writing a debut novel about the world that he knows best – great white sharks.
“The Shark” is crime fiction that’s heart pounding, testosterone-driven, unique and as unpredictable as the subject of the title. - Mark Kaczmarczyk, Documentary Filmmaker

Craig Ferreira is synonymous with sharks, even though he has seen more white sharks than the rest of the world; he still acts, as it's his first time when he spots one. He lives and breathes white sharks. - Fredrik Öström, Captain – Swedish Military Intelligence

A fascinating and exciting story – just keep writing. - Peter Benchley, author of Jaws and The Deep.

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