Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slash And Nigel Barker Join Celebrity Charity PSA For Shark Protection

Slash with Luke Tipple the Director of the Shark-Free Marinas initiative in 2011.

When celebrities get together behind a worthy cause only good things happen as is the case with the SFMI and a new series of PSA's highlighting the sport take of sharks in the USA and worldwide.

What began as a good conservation idea has, in the capable hands of Luke Tipple and What We Do Media, become so much more.

Kudos to the early adopters who, without their support, this enterprise for sharks might not have gotten off the ground and to the Humane Society USA for their backing and support.

Join the Shark-Free Marinas in your state and help save sharks one marina at a time. Together we can put a dent in the estimated 200,000 sharks needlessly killed each year in the United States alone and help fishermen discover the sustainable option of catch and release shark fishing.

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