Thursday, May 12, 2011

Southern Fried Science Proof that sex + blogging = crashed servers

Congratulations to the fine folks over at Southern Fried Science who yesterday became the first of the Blue Bloggers to break into the mainstream with pick ups by Gawker, Huff Post, The Daily Beast and now the full court media.

The story?

Florida Senate Outlaws Sex

Unfortunately if you're looking for that article on the SFS site this morning you'll have to wait until the "smoldering ruin" that was once their servers come back online. It would appear that a Gagzillion viewers being pushed from all over the planet has crashed everything, hard.

After a few years in the blogging game, with insightful posts on science, research, and deep ocean critters, it took one off the cuff observation about Floridians, sex, and the legal system to fire up the imagination of millions.

Nicely done!

Hopefully the stat counter on your site was not totally fried so we may all know what the final count was, is there a number bigger than a Gagzillion?

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