Sunday, June 5, 2011

And now for something completely different - Video

We rarely break format here at Underwater Thrills and when we do you know it has to be something "amusing".

Truth be told we have been mad fans for the past several months of "My Drunk Kitchen" an offbeat and completely natural series of online videos by Hannah Hart and her small band of back up "enablers" who help Hannah cook for the masses.

That is to say "cook badly for the masses," but heck with as much earnest and bubbly personality as Hannah displays on each episode you can forgive the burps, unwashed hands, bottle swigging, and final food products that often resemble the goop found inside the Crab Head Pods from the movie series Alien, or crispy rocks...depending on the episode and the alcohol consumed.

Not a fan yet, or never heard of "My Drunk Kitchen?"

Start today, right here, it's easy, now where's that wine?

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