Monday, October 3, 2011

Voting For Shark Research Excellence - GEERG

GEERG is being considered by the Aviva Community Fund in order to launch the world's first webcam shark monitoring system in the St. Lawrence Estuary (Quebec, Canada).

If their bid is successful, the GEERG HD video feed and webcam will be online and accessible to everyone 24/7 on the GEERG website.

In order to become a finalist, their project requires as many votes as possible. We have been big fans of GEERG for the past 7 years and the work they do in Canada.
This is one research team worthy of your support, and that includes you, the 2.38pm latte drinker who dips into this blog from time to time to "get your shark on."

A vote for the GEERG project is a vote for shark conservation. Please register and VOTE ONCE A DAY for the duration of the contest starting Monday, October 3 and please ask all of your friends and shark enthusiasts to do the same. Help GEERG protect sharks.

Voting starts on Monday, October 3, at 12 PM ET

Start the clicking now.