Friday, February 10, 2012

Rethink the Shark - Cute Messaging!

If you want to get an entire generation of youth behind shark conservation, hit them with some first rate animation in the style of PIXAR.

That's what the folks from AfriOceans did this month and we like it:

Every time someone is bitten by a shark it gains international attention. We at AfriOceans therefore remain committed to dispelling the myths and setting the records straight. We did it with our original award winning RETHINK THE SHARK Public Service Announcements (PSA) and now we bring to you our latest RETHINK THE SHARK PSA  which we have called 'Meet Wilson', produced by a highly talented group of final year students from the Cape Town Animation School - a very BIG THANKS to this talented team and in particular to the nephew of our Founder, Lesley Rochat, namely Andrew Mc Nally!

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