Thursday, March 8, 2012

Proving What Sharks Are(n't)?

Each and every year the shark diving community is subjected to a series of stunts with sharks that are designed to prove that sharks are not dangerous to humans.

And each and every year those engaged in these one off stunts are drowned out by a series of high profile actual shark attacks that are part of the human/shark storyline.

What is it with members of the ocean community who are still trying to redefine the shark?

We only mention this because Pete Thomas posted a promotional video for Monster Energy Drink featuring surfer Mark Healy engaged in a baited situation in Fiji with several Bull sharks.

The idea, once again, was to prove that Bull sharks are not dangerous to humans.


That being said we were extremely impressed with the actual technical shoot itself. This is first class stuff and Mark Healy comes across as an honest, non nonsense guy who earnest love of the ocean is organic, natural, and frankly compelling to be part of for the few short minutes we get to join him in his world.

But redefining the Bull shark? We're not buying it, we're also not buying the fact these animals were baited in for a quickie shoot to once again "prove a point."

Mark should get his own television show, soon, because he's that good on camera. On the flip-side and as a word of advice, stay away from the one off shark stunts Mark. It's like watching Van Gogh try and paint a masterpiece with colored yogurt.

More here from The Diley at Office to Ocean.


OfficetoOcean said...

"It's like watching Van Gogh try and paint a masterpiece with colored yogurt."

Brilliant :D

DaShark said...

To state the obvious, that's not us.

Once again, like Nat Geo's moronic experiments with the bikini bimbettes in South Africa, this is straight from the playbook of Eric Ritters Shark Skool - and we all know how that 1 ended.

And so it goes...