Thursday, June 14, 2012

Man evolved from Monkeys! Sharks! Bacteria?

This image is obviously all wrong now - Feh!
The latest headlines from the files of WTF science postings currently making the rounds is the, "Man is a Shark" storyline.

Gleefully picked up like a child's chewed play toy by shark-o-philes the world over it almost sounds like there's a new t-shirt design in the works.

But wait!

Yeah, you knew that was coming.

All this sceince-y stuff is just a back track on overall evolution is it not?

Gasp! You mean Man might have also evolved from say, bacteria?

Why yes, and not the pretty kind either.

That's the problem with headlines and sharks these days, almost any headline can be used to support the cause of shark conservation. The trick is checking the facts and seeing if they are relevant.

For many out there "relevancy" and "shark conservation" are two words that never seem to meet in the middle.

Oxy-Shark Myth anyone?

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