Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World Oceans Day Quotes and Bytes

Most of the Shark Diver crew is in Florida this month on a massive new project, but we all still took time to answer the media's call for quotes on World Oceans Day which, next to the Superbowl, is one of our favorite days of the year.

You might have seen some of our guys on local television talking sharks and conservation while Shark Divers CEO, Patric Douglas, took an online approach with Cloud 9 Living:

Patric Douglas, the CEO of Shark Diver, makes a point to take care of the ocean he loves, drilling in a healthy dose of respect for the environment and its creatures into everyone he meets. His motto for divers: "respect that you are walking into someone's living room." He has recently decreased his carbon footprint by 20 percent by adding green engines to his boats, making them 30 percent more efficient.

He also sponsors two large initiatives through is company. The first is a campaign for shark-free marinas, an international initiative with more than 2,000 marinas pledging to not allow fishermen to bring dead sharks onto their docks. The other is going after the invasive lion fish in the Caribbean. These lion fish have no natural predators in the area, but it has been discovered that the tiger shark is not affected by its poison. 

Douglas works with other divers to kill the lion fish and leave them as bait for tiger sharks in hopes that the tiger sharks will start hunting them naturally.

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