Monday, February 18, 2013

Tiger Shark Divers?

Vintage 1960's man vs shark images
"Divers Save Tiger Shark!," now that's a headline I'd like to see more often. It seems like all we hear about in the media is sharks doing something to humans and just how dangerous sharks are to us.

This video shows a couple of divers, coming across a shark that had been caught, stabbed and thrown back into the water.

The divers then proceed to help the shark. I've seen the remarkable ability to heal that these beautiful animals posses and hope that the shark swam off and is ok.

This story illustrates the stark difference in attitude towards sharks that exists today. On one hand you have someone callously stabbing a shark and throwing it back into the water and then someone else actively trying to help that same animal.

Regardless of the outcome of this rescue attempt, it's nice to see that divers react to a shark not with fear, but compassion and that a media outlet reports something other than sharks attacking or threatening people.

Kind of like what we do around here on a daily basis;)

Martin Graf
Managing Director
Shark Diver

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