Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crikey-Croc Cage Diving!

So what's NOT to like about this latest South African attraction? It's got man eating Salties (crocs), strong looking cages, babes in bikini's, and best of all it yours for a mere $40 bucks.

Yes, now you too can join the good folks at Congo Ranch for a lifetime encounter with a big reptile:

"Daredevils who wish to attempt this adrenaline-pumping feat are slowly lowered into the heated crocodile pool along with 5 large Nile crocodiles and are protected from the predators by a specially designed cage. Guarded by the strong cage, the crocodiles swim around you sizing you up as a tasty snack."

Perhaps they could use a hand at the advertising. This is Africa after all where last we heard 99% of everything there will either kill you or leave you with chunks missing...but they make a tasty vino!

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