Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fast Movers-White Shark Tracking Data-TOPP

If there's one thing we absolutely "Geek Out" on here at UT it's fresh white shark shark tracking data. Without a doubt the TOPP program-Tagging Of Pacific Predators-is the 300lb Research Gorilla when it comes to white shark data with it's tagging and fresh data feeds to legions of hungry shark fans.

Barbara Block is the research brainchild behind TOPPs from Stanford. Keep this website handy and check in with your favorite sharks as they get tracked all over the Pacific and beyond.

Here's three reasons to love TOPP:

1. Cool data links with close to real time tracking
2. It's absolutely free
3. If you dive with sharks this is the latest intel.

This latest tracking study was done with the help of John O'Sullivan, curator of field operations for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting tracking report, would be nice to see depth and speed data as well with that little white shark.

Great post!