Thursday, January 3, 2008

Amy Winehouse-Rocks "Drug Queen" Saved By Scuba!?

There goes 2008.

"If it swims-it wins" is our motto here at Underwater Thrills. That was until today.

Coursing through the Internet right now is this little story about Rocks Bad Gal-Amy Winehouse, who according to the tabloids is now claiming to have been "Saved by Scuba". Well glory be!

Three things that are wrong with this off the bat:

1. Who cares?
2. Who's gets to DM this admitted coke addict?
3. Who cares!?

Amy is quoted as saying (add slurry British voice here) "I’ve learn't to appreciate the simple things, like the beauty of nature. And it’s taught me to face my fears. It’s a different world down there. I can look at things in a new way. “I’ve come to the realization that life is too short; I want to make sure I live every minute of it."

All this after spending the holidays with fellow rocker Byan Adams underwater in Caribbean.

Perhaps she discovered the joys of being NARC'd as a little trip over to the SCUBA-WIKI describes NARC'd as:

"Due to its perception-altering effects, the onset of nitrogen narcosis is famously described as the "rapture of the deep" the result of illogical behaviour in a wet environment or in extreme cases-really stoned"

Perhaps this latest video of her in action on the surface might give you an idea of why we become concerned for her well being sub-surface:

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Rochet said...

You guys pretty much nailed that one!