Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great White Shark Mystery-U.K?

All of England is in an uproar today as photographic evidence, perhaps the first of it's kind, has surfaced of a possible Great White shark (a huge animal) taking a bite out of a seal.

The Sun-A JAWS hunt was on last night after experts confirmed a mutilated seal was killed by a bite from a giant shark.

Scientists say razor-sharp tooth marks show the adult grey seal — a favourite food of great whites — had been mauled in a frenzied feeding session. Experts confirmed the seal was killed by a giant shark after studying close-up photos of the wound.

“It is a very clean cut, and from the size of the chunk, and the serrated tooth marks, it must be something with a very large bite radius like a great white. “The position of the bite mark is also crucial. The seal was bitten from underneath, which is exactly what you would expect because of how a shark takes its prey.”

This is a video from Isla Guadalupe shot in 2007 of a Great White feeding on a 700lb Elephant Seal. From this video it is possible that the seal attacked in the U.K was in fact a Great White, then again, it might be an Orca, or just a fake. Only time will tell:


Anonymous said...

That's a Spicy Meatball!

christy said...

well i say that you are not scared of sharks?i wish i could go and see a shark that close?well i am 22 year old and i live hear in new mexico we don't get mush sharks out here