Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fathoms Magazine

Update: Since this blog post the publisher of Fathoms Magazine "took over" the magazine and killed it leaving behind many unfulfilled subscribers.

Cancel your Nat Geo membership...lock your kids and your wife in the car, and get ready to have your entire underwater world rocked.

This is Fathoms Magazine and they are on a mission to change the way you look at underwater images and dive adventures...forever.

We just got our latest installment this week. This underwater mag's hallmarks are big juicy images paired with great writing. Under the guidance of Ethan Gordon (editor) Fathoms has blossomed into the leading underwater magazine of our time.

Oh, and he's one of the industries nicest guys as well. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Magazine? What magazine? I too am (was) an ardent fan but I have not seen the magazine in months and cannot find it online either. I think they are out of business but I cannot say for sure because I did not hear anything from them.

Shark Diver said...

Ethan Gordon who was the Editor at Large left the magazine around the same time we posted that article.

His departure probably meant the end of the magazine, he was the driving force behind it and frankly his images and story lines were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

WIth regard to Fathoms, I have lots of email about my subscription check, which was cashed in late 08 but with no product. Essentially the end point is " we needed the $$ more than you did" but there is no magazine left, save your time and money.

msdaisy said...

I too am waiting to hear what happened to the company. They cashed my check but did not deliver the product.
Who should we contact? Did they file Chapter 11? Is someone still accountable.