Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shark Cages: Building 'em Since 2002

In a world filled with "broken promises" it's nice to know you can absolutely rely on some things.

Case in point Shark Diver shark cages. Used on more private yachts worldwide than any other shark cages, in fact, we're pretty sure we're the only company on the planet who furnishes shark cages on an industrial scale.

To date none of the shark cages provided by Shark Diver have failed the test of weather, water, or sharks.


After all, our cages are designed to tackle 16 foot-2300 pound Great Whites in every condition imaginable. Keeping divers safe, while providing them with comfort, and thrills, since 2002.

If you were curious about "other" shark cages, let us introduce you to the competition at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.

They maintain the following claim on their website:

"Our cages have set the industry standard for excellence. Our design and application is the envy of all other operators ".

Here's the video from their operation in 2007 to prove that claim:

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Shark John said...

Holy Crap, that cage came unzipped faster than a prom dress!