Monday, January 7, 2008

Shark Shooting 101-Kiwi Style

Question: If you're on a small boat with an underwater camera and a 13 foot Great White shark shows up, what is the best was to capture the moment?

A. Jump on the back of the shark
B. Dip the camera in the water and snap away
C. Hang your buddy over the side upside down and by the ankles until he gets the shot

Well, naturally the answer is C. How else could you get an amazing shot like this one by just carefully dipping a camera anywhere?

Here's the story:

"When Gary Porter, a builder from New Zealand, spotted the 13 foot (4m) shark just metres from the small diving vessel he was in, he wasted no time in getting his friends to hold him by the ankles as he dangled upside-down in the sea to take close-up pictures of the predator. Suspended overboard, Mr Porter dunked his upper body in the water to snap underwater pictures with his digital camera."

Something about this entire story does not seem right. Perhaps it is the fact that we the readers are completely sober at the moment. Time and a few beers will tell if this actually happened.

Story link is here, check your stupidity at the door please.

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