Monday, January 7, 2008

Tiger Sharks-Crunch Time Photoshoot

What do you do when an 11 foot Tiger Shark takes a keen interest in your dive gear?


A. Fight the Tiger for your gear
B. Let the Tiger have your gear

The answer to this question by the looks of things was B. Karin Brussaard went Tiger Diver at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas recently to write a tech review of the Nikon D80. She got more than she bargained for when this Tiger decided to make off with her gear. In her own words:

"At a given moment one of the sharks gets in too close to one of the divers and Jim intervenes. He gives the shark a push with the camera. The tiger shark is not impressed. He grabs hold of the camera and swims aggressively away with it. I am feeling uncomfortable and go through my oxygen quickly. Luckily the shark eventually lets go of the camera and swims away."

We now know that Nikons are "Tiger Proof". Score one for engineering!

The full story is here

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