Saturday, April 12, 2008

Salmon Futures $40/Lb? You Betcha!

Well, it has come to pass. The once magnificent salmon runs from San Francisco to Oregon are now officially gone. With a one year "temporary ban" in place...and who are we kidding here, fishermen and a 500 million dollar industry have been wiped out overnight.

The same old war horses who got us into this mess are now trying to fix it. The solution is 500 million for fish replanting and habitat reconstruction, 10 years of good will, and a few prayers of forgiveness to the almighty.

SEATTLE — Failure. Disaster. Devastation.

Those words can describe the utter loss of commercial and sport ocean Chinook seasons in 2008 in most of Oregon and California. But through all of the gloom, Oregon emerged from the historic closure with a small victory: a 9,000-fish coho quota for sport fishermen.

The historic closures due to low returns to much of the West Coast rivers, primarily the Sacramento, was marked only by a lot of angst, a few simple votes, a quiet audience and much regret as the Pacific Fishery Management Council met in Seattle to decide the fate of not just sport and commercial fishermen, but also several coastal ports and towns for years to come.


TwoTank said...

From reading your blog, it looks like you are really familiar with the West Coast... I am looking to get certified this summer. I will be living between LA, Portland, and Seattle... where would you suggest I get certified? My friends and I are planning a big "girls week out" scuba trip, but I need to get certified ASAP.

Hugs and Fishes,

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Hi Kari,

Liked our bog, I am sure it will be popular. If you need any help with it count us in. I would suggest scuba certs in L.A with an open water in Mexico.

Anything up North is just cold damn water, frankly that's no fun.

Patric Douglas CEO