Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Island of The Great White Sharks-Boston

Richard Theiss and Mexican shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos recently presented the new white shark documentary Island of The Great White Shark to rave reviews in Boston last week.

After 3 years of intense filming Richard and Mauricio completed what has been hailed as one of the "best shark documentaries in the past five years".

NPR Television was invited to review the film last week and interviewed the pair.

The film attempts to present white sharks in a positive light for the first time. Typically white sharks are presented as little more than eating machines with no thought to solid research and story lines.

Island of the Great White Shark will be screening in a major city near you summer of 2008. Stay tuned for a complete list of screening dates.


Anonymous said...

saw last week with our dive club and loved every second of it. The video of the great whites was amazing, how did he get those shots?

Bay Divers said...

cool,movie we saw it as well.