Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shark Introduction "Fat Tony" Isla Guadalupe

For those of you who will be joining us this year at Isla Guadalupe we thought we would introduce you to some of the "locals" that you'll be meeting this season.

This fellow is called "Fat Tony". For reasons that are obvious, he's also one of the more active animals on site, never missing the opportunity to swing by within inches of our shark cages to stare down the divers inside.

We have been diving with this critter since 2003 and given his very long migration to and from the island each year-we're more than happy to see him when he swings by for a look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shark Diver guys!

It's Janice and Steve from two years ago love the pic of Fat Tony, we just sent you a few more we took, hope you have a great season this year see you in the Bahamas soon!

Anonymous said...

Cool shark guys. We'll be seeing you guys on the 2nd...what dock is it again?

That's a joke!