Thursday, July 3, 2008

Australia-Things that kill the things that will kill you

We have blogged about it over and over and over again.

Australia is a dangerous country. If local critters are not out trying to kill you, they are out to sting, maim, or incapacitate you for consumption at a later date.

Case in point. Cane Toads are not just a recreational drug anymore, they will kill you. That's the latest finding in Australia (no surprise there) as hundreds of freshwater crocks have turned up dead, that's right, from Cane Toads.

Oh and by the way, Cane Toads were imported in 1935 into Australia because someone thought the country did not have enough crazy, dangerous wildlife to avoid at all costs.

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Anonymous said...

the pic w/ the alligator trying to eat the poor frog is disgusting. you guys, whoever you are, need to take it off. what if small kids look at that?