Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digital Images-Untrustworthy?

We love being on the "subject of the day" and right now it seems digital media is front and center.

Yesterday we dove into the ongoing debate about underwater digital photography for commercial use.

Knowing that with the basic tools available anyone can doctor an image-how does the commercial industry police it's self? Or does it even try?

We suggested a unique approach, one we're pretty sure will be shot down by those who make a living from slightly doctored images. But where is the credibility in digital and how do we move from "Here's the image" to "Here's the true image?".

In case you're wondering how prevalent this problem is, take for example the latest issue with Iran. This morning accusations of a fourth mystery missile in a digital shot seen round the world.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this up, it's a huge issue in the underwater community right now. I watched a big name in the industry on a dive trip recently make so many changes that the image looked totally different. He even removed a fish from the original image!