Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shark Projects - Passing on "Night"

We passed on an "interesting shark project" a while back.

About twice a month we get hits from various production companies who want to shoot sharks. A few of these projects we decide to pass on for various reasons from non existent film budgets to outright crazy shark production notes.

The projects we do work with are all A-list crews who approach us with shark productions that make sense.

This latest shoot for Animal Planet (the production company will remain nameless) is set to go in the Bahamas. Called "Night" they wanted to take their show host at night-in a baited situation-with Tigers.

Cages? Minor detail.

Now this is do-able and not as crazy at it sounds, but here's where it started to go south for us:

1. The show host was not certified and had no shark experience
2. Their primary DP was not certified and had no shark experience

That's not to say they have not proceeded with this shoot. In fact it looks like they will film "Night" as planned. One thing we learned a long time ago about adding your name, or your credibility to any shark shoot - beware.

As industry members it is up to us to guide production to better production values. Sometimes you have to say "no" because in the end poor productions hurt everyone, the industry, and the sharks that we spend years trying to portray in a positive light.

Industry blow back from these productions is growing...and more often than not you'll never see it coming, especially at "Night".


Anonymous said...

One look at the recent crop of shark shows and I am not surprised. It seems there's always some new expert who wants to be "the man".

Josh said...

Good blog post shark divers-we'll keep our eye out for the "shark attack" news report!