Friday, July 25, 2008

Famous Shark Cage To Be Unveiled At Aquarium Sunday

The One, The Only, cage that started it all "Blue Water-White Death". A classic film for sharky types is now on display...just in time for Shark Week. If we had a bigger office we would buy it...heck if we were ever in the office:

Even in print, the flashback to the summer of 1975 and the blockbuster movie, “Jaws” gets the heart racing. For some, either Peter Benchley’s novel or Stephen Spielberg’s film are the reason they won’t get in the water more than three decades later.

There may be no other creatures in the animal world more feared and more misunderstood than sharks. Visitors at the Tennessee Aquarium get an up close view of the powerful bodies, strong and tooth-filled jaws of sandbar and sand tiger sharks in the Secret Reef.

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