Friday, July 11, 2008

Hunt on for shark in Tuggerah Lake

Remember that 21 foot white shark discovered lurking about Tuggerah Lake, Australia? We blogged about it last week.

You gotta hand to to the Aussies. When not battling all the "things that will kill you" in their country, they are alternately grilling, drinking beers...and hunting down the "things that will kill you".

Case in point a semi-serious effort is being mounted-as we blog-to catch that 21 foot white shark:

THE hunt is on for a huge 7m "son of jaws" great white shark cut loose from a fishing net off Canton Beach on Wednesday.

It is the second great white found in Tuggerah Lake since 2005. It comes on top of three other shark sightings in the lakes system in as many years. Experts fear the great white may be trapped in the lake unable to reach the sea because The Entrance channel is too shallow.

Of course the crew here at Shark Diver are available as "consultants" if anyone down under wants to hire us as white shark experts. Unlike George Burgess-we work for BBQ and beers. Given that this "hunt" should last well into the summer, we're thinking that's a pretty good deal!


Anonymous said...

I live in Sydney and compete in the local ocean swimming circuit.I've won trophies for fishing and have an interest in sharks. I read the Shark Attack File and I have a science degree.I've walked across the entrance to Lake Tuggerah (called The Entrance). It was about 5-6 ft deep in the middle (possibly low tide)and this depth lasted for no more than 20 feet. I last did this walk about 8 years ago while carrying my child on my shoulders. This lake is very open to sightings. There is no way a 7m shark could be in this lake without being continually seen and I very much doubt it would get through the entrance let alone want to.Even in huge seas & tides. I'd say Bullshit.But hey I'll keep an open mind for the unexpected.

Shark Diver said...

We have to agree with you. Even a 21 foot great white would be something noteworthy, there's some doubt any of these animals even exist in this size anymore.

Still...check around and see if they need "shark experts" willing to work for BBQ prawns and cold XXX beer. We could use a good vacation, er, ah serious work.

Anonymous said...

A 15-foot Great White was trapped in a Cape Cod estuary in 2004:

The Tuggerah Lake shark could have swam out soon after the encounter.

Anonymous said...

They say 14 ft.
You say 15 ft.
I say 12 ft.
Still that's impressive footage and a very small lagoon.I assume some footage is taken once it's been hearded back out.
You'd definately see a 23 ft shark in a lagoon based on this footage.