Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shark Heroes-Australia's Sea World Vet Team

You gotta hand it to the team from NSW Sea World who dramatically saved a shark after it had "swallowed" a fishing gaff...complete with embedded hook. The entire crew here at Shark Diver salute this team.

What transpired in Australia this week is perhaps the greatest shark rescue story in the past ten years:

Scuba divers snapped these photos of the gentle shark swimming near Julian Rocks in the Cape Byron Marine Park when they first thought the shark had attempted to swallow a broomstick.

"It was swimming along, it looked quite healthy and didn't seem to be suffering but it became obvious if that thing stayed in its mouth, it would be the death of the shark - it couldn't be eating too well," diver John Natoli said.

Full story with images and video.

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Unknown said...

This was an awesome rescue and one that created a positive sentiment towards sharks and shark conservation.

The satellite tag that was fitted to the shark was retrieved approx 4 mths after the rescue showing that the shark had travelled 100's of kilometres down the coast of Australia. Full details don't seem to have been released yet.

Thanks for your interest in this story,

John Natoli.