Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Baaaack-Now 30% Sharky-er

It's tough having a job that takes you away to the US Virgin Islands for a "site inspection", but that's where we have been for the past 7 days. Our email is filled with a heap o' shark stories we need to cover.

Let's begin in South Africa:

Startling Great White discoveries

Scientists now know exactly how much time each shark spends waiting for takeaways at Seal Island.

Long considered a mysterious monster from the deep, the great white shark is actually from the shallow — and no longer all that mysterious.

That’s according to a group of pioneering researchers who, using sophisticated electronic tracking equipment, have compiled the first-ever detailed swim-maps of several great white sharks in Mossel Bay.

So far this year five sharks — Zulu, Kiddo, Pasella, Roxanne and Sampla — have been fitted with electronic tags that show not only the shark’s position, but also its depth and the surrounding water temperature.

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