Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Australia's White Sharks-Now 20% Bigger and Lakebound!

How many times do we have to remind you that pretty much everything in Australia will kill you.

It seems even an innocent dip in the local lake will kill you with the "discovery" of a 21 foot Great White shark cruising the local waters there. If dodging Salties and Freshies (crocs) wasn't bad enough

Yes that's right, a 21 foot Great White shark.

Here's the full news report for your review and as Fox News would put it " We'll Report. You Decide"

Great white shark 'in lake

Police issued a warning today after a seven-metre great white shark was reportedly netted and freed in a Central Coast lake.

A commercial fisherman reported to police that he netted the monster in waters at a popular school holiday vacation spot at Tuggerah Lake.

The fisherman reported snaring the seven-metre shark in nets he had cast off Canton Beach, at the northern end of the lake about 5.30am today.

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