Monday, July 7, 2008

Whale Sharks in the "Millions" we tells ya!

Maybe not in the millions, but for an increasing number of divers and tour operators this site has become the defacto "Valhalla for Whale Sharks".

Kind of like finding the lost City of Atlantis, or the fabled African Elephants Graveyard, except this site is in Mexico.

Here's one the the latest operations to join the pile. The cost? $2995...oh and do not forget that $695 Singles Supplement (makes you want to get married, right?) :

Just off the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is a small island largely untouched by tourism, despite its proximity to CancĂșn. Isla Holbox might go unnoticed entirely, except for some unique visitors who come to its warm ocean waters each summer. Their presence is hard to ignore, since they are 40 feet long and weigh 15 tons. These are gentle whale sharks – not whales at all, despite their size, but actually the world’s largest fish. Docile and unafraid, they allow us to swim close enough to observe the checkerboard pattern of pale yellow dots and stripes covering their thick gray skin.

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