Thursday, August 21, 2008

Isla Guadalupe Trip Update 8.21.2008

How do you translate into Spanish the following -"Loads of sharks"

"Mas, mas, mas Tiburon!"

However you say it, we had it today at Isla Guadalupe. Captain Greg of the MV Horizon reports back three simply tremendous shark breaches with animals flying completely out of the water...much to the amazement of our divers.

Total tally for the day was 9-11 sharks with not a single rotation without them. Not bad considering.

We'll be pulling the hook at 6.00pm after a heavy dinner tonight and should find the vessel in port by 6.00pm tomorrow. Once again Isla Guadalupe amazed our divers, we cannot wait to see some of those images our divers shot and we'll be posting two complete diver trip reports next week-once they come in.

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