Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Joel & Suzie almost eaten by Tiger Shark?

You can watch this video three or four times and come to different conclusions about what you are seeing.This is a growing trend with Tigers within the industry. Until recently no one would have considered Tiger encounters like these.

The main question on the table...is it sustainable?


Anonymous said...

I just watched the video of the tiger shark dive from utube. How totally and unbelievably absurd!!!! People that conduct dive operations like that should be jailed. It's obvious to any educated person that the tiger is looking for something to bite and eat. They are no longer simply observing a beautiful shark they have placed themselves on the dinner table. The two dive masters have to swim feverishly around the shark constantly pushing the sharks head and nose away from divers. The ignorant and untrained divers sitting on the bottom I'm sure are oblivious to how close they are to losing a limb or dying.

I am stunned that a dive operator would propose such an insane situation to untrained divers. And so many divers at once with more than one shark. Was there even a safety cage to retreat to for protection?

Dude! who was that??

Anonymous said...

These guys are the best operation in Fiji and you do not know what you are talking about. The operation has a completely safe record and does more for sharks than you could ever do!

Take your foot out of your big mouth!

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Please go to the latest update on this. There's an industry leader who's taking a critical look into this event and we applaud his stance:


Anonymous said...

In all mt many years of diving this video is the most irresponsible piece of shark film I have ever seen.

The diver who was laughing must have been narcd because there's no way that is fun, looks like fun or has any semblance of safety to it.

Since when did we go from watching big sharks to guiding them away from divers as they careen through a dive group?

What the hell!?